Our focus

Space innovation in action

Verumar combines:

  • Complex remote sensing and Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) data (multi-platform/multi-sensor).
  • Advanced analysis including applied artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning).
  • Highly experienced fisheries analysts and compliance experts.
  • In-depth local engagement.

…to provide our partners with unprecedented understanding of what is happening in their seaspace and how best to act swiftly on incoming intelligence.

Sustainable solutions

Our team skillsets combined with applied technology mean that we focus on offering sustainable solutions by empowering local people in the fisheries sector. We ensure the benefits of the projects we run continue long after the initially funded activity draws to a close. This enables long-lasting impact to bolster the fortunes of a sector that needs targeted support to achieve sustainability.

Solution Scanning

Many innovations are emerging to help support intelligent fisheries management.

Data-Driven Fisheries Management

Taking raw or pre-analysed fisheries and vessel data in defined locations, and delivering actionable insights of fishing activity through the expertise of monitoring, control and surveillance, we work with leading fisheries compliance experts and local partners who develop long term sustainable policies and operations.

Concept of Operations

We apply a Concept of Operations to introduce and operationalise new capabilities and technology enhancements tailored to customer user needs and ways of working.

Capacity Building

We work closely with local people to transfer skills and know how, supporting sustainability and impact.

Gender Equality

We embed sustainable forward-thinking gender equality principles and policies across projects, to enable women’s full and effective participation and visibility.

Knowledge sharing

Our internal and external communication practices mean that knowledge developed during the programme is highlighted to key audiences.

Programme Management

Our programme management team embeds best practice principles and governance to project and change management.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We use data and dashboards to measure the discrete impact of Verumar programmes, and are also able to impart this best practice knowledge to local teams.

International Engagement

Our solutions are customised to local needs. To do this we ensure that further international partnership opportunities are fully analysed and initiated. For more information Contact us