Verumar Philippines consortium

Verumar is a situational awareness and fisheries management programme aiming to support the Philippine Government to conserve and use their oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. This Consortium includes organisations focused on our activity specifically for the Philippines. When we work on other projects, in different countries, NLAI will build Consortium groups to match the needs of the country and the focus required there.

A blue economy solutions company. Assembles strong and committed teams to ensure smooth and impactful delivery of Verumar solutions.

A not for profit company working to increase the sustainability of fishing globally and through Verumar.

Provides a detailed understanding of ocean-related activities by fusing and analysing big data
at scale and providing expert knowledge to help others understand global and local activities
relating to the sea.

An innovative leader in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure. MDA enables the collection and distribution of targeted satellite data to feed into Verumar activities.

Fisheries consultants working globally providing advice in support of sustainable fisheries
and aquaculture, marine planning, blue growth and providing monitoring and evaluation
expertise to Verumar.