Situational Awareness
in Fisheries Management

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Aim and Objectives

Verumar aims to complement and enhance governments’ efforts to conserve and sustainably use their seas and marine resources, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.

This is achieved by working alongside fisheries departments and other stakeholders to scope, design and introduce new satellite-enabled system capabilities to support fisheries management and enforcement activities.

Benefits include:

  • Improved safety, security and economic productivity for fisherfolk.
  • Improved institutional capacity for monitoring and enforcement, based on up-to-date threat analysis and a library of temporal and spatial intelligence reports.
  • Near-term socio-economic benefits to the national economy from reducing illegal fishing unregulated and unreported fishing.
  • Long-term improvement in the national interest for extraction of protein source from the sea to feed a growing population.

We are trusted providers of complex marine solutions

Space innovation in action

Verumar combines:

  • Complex remote sensing datasets.
  • Advance machine learning and other computational analysis.
  • Highly experienced fisheries analysts and compliance experts.
  • In-depth local engagement.

…to provide our partners with unprecedented understanding of what is happening in their seaspace and how best to act swiftly on incoming intelligence.

We support nations as custodians of their own seas

Supporting key areas of focus


To ensure that further international partnership opportunities are fully analysed and initiated where possible and desirable.


To enable internal communication and that knowledge developed during the programme is highlighted to key audiences.


To ensure the benefits of the project continue long after the initially funded activity draws to a close.
To enable long-lasting impact to reverse the fortunes of a sector that is in decline.


To embed forward-thinking gender equality principles and policies across the project.
To enable women’s full and effective participation and visibility.


To measure the discrete impact of the Verumar programme.

Solution scanning

Many innovations are emerging to help support intelligent
fisheries management.

Systems of note include:

  • Autonomous vehicles (in the air, on the sea or under the waves).
  • Apps to help fishermen log and manage their catch.
  • Hydrophones to detect blast fishing or vessels approaching MPAs.
  • Radars fitted to seabirds to help detect potential illegal fishing.

However, the wide range of options available can actually make decision-making more difficult.

Verumar can act as an independent reviewer of available technologies to find the best fit for the local need.

Verumar consortium

A blue economy solutions company. Assembles strong and committed teams to ensure smooth and impactful delivery of Verumar solutions.

A not for profit company working to increase the sustainability of fishing globally and through Verumar.

Provides a detailed understanding of ocean-related activities by fusing and analysing big data
at scale and providing expert knowledge to help others understand global and local activities
relating to the sea.

An innovative leader in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure. MDA enables the collection and distribution of targeted satellite data to feed into Verumar activities.

Fisheries consultants working globally providing advice in support of sustainable fisheries
and aquaculture, marine planning, blue growth and providing monitoring and evaluation
expertise to Verumar.

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